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Welcome Summer with Your Physiotherapist

Reena Babu, MPT, RPT - Registered Physiotherapist, Pelvic Floor & Vestibular Rehabilitation Practitioner

summer activities physiotherapy

It’s finally summer! By now most of us are planning, or have started to engage in, a variety of physical activities from gardening to swimming, or playing a sport to running and hiking. Unfortunately, this is also the time where we may experience the effects of overworking our bodies after a long inactive winter. From sore back and arms to tired bodies, it is a lot to handle. So, how do we enjoy our summer without having to worry about our bodies?

It’s recommended that you should strive to be active and live a healthy life, but this should not be at the cost of your physical and mental wellbeing. This is where your physiotherapist plays a role in helping you out.

As a physiotherapist, I will assist in taking care of your body right from your initial visit. To do this, I perform an assessment to help identify the root cause of your pain or discomfort. And then together we will work to come up with the best treatment plan moving forward.

One Treatment Does Not Fit All

As a knowledgeable physiotherapist, I believe that everyone’s body is different, and it responds differently to treatments; meaning that one treatment does not fit all. It is my job to ensure that you are treated based on your individual diagnosis and that we set reasonable goals together. With your consent, I will treat you one-on-one using Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Electrotherapeutic Modalities, and Exercise Therapy. During your regular visits there will be reassessments which allow us to keep track of your progress and ensure that your goals are achieved.

Recommendations & Referrals

Healthcare is a team approach. I will make sure your treatments are as efficient as possible by making appropriate referrals and recommendations to the respective health professionals if required.

That’s Not All!

I am here for you! If you are experiencing any health issues, or if you have any questions regarding your health, feel free to book a free consultation with me before making the commitment to book in for an initial visit. Simply call us at 905.465.4595 or book online at

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