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One Essential Way to Boost Bone Density

Cynthia Luo, RMT - Registered Massage Therapist

bone density

Bones are very important and the basic structure that supports the body. One of the most important factors of healthy bones is bone density.

As we age, especially for women over 50 years old, bone density tends to deteriorate. Most of us do care about our health conditions and bone density is one of the most common concerns of a healthy body.

We all have some common knowledge of how to maintain good bone density, like take calcium, weight train, enjoy sunshine to get vitamin D or take vitamin D directly.

Some of us may have heard that once bone density deteriorates, it is hard to get good bone density again. I would like to suggest that may not be entirely true. Bone density could possibly be boosted at any age.

Have you considered how much calcium stays in the body for stronger bones? If we take calcium only, unfortunately, most of the calcium will simply be flushed out.

So, how do we keep calcium in the body? One option is to take collagen and calcium together. Collagen is needed for our bones to absorb calcium and use it properly. If you follow this method daily, slowly you will build up your bone density. For collagen, you can take collagen pills or from food directly, or both.

At the same time, collagen gives strength to your skin, ligaments, and tendons. So, taking collagen will benefit these areas of the body as well.

Below are two examples gathered from personal experiences:

  1. A senior woman aged 70 had low bone density. In the hospital a medical doctor told her because of her age, and as a female, the low bone density would stay like that or get worse. One day, the woman heard about the collagen and calcium remedy. She followed the method daily for a year and then went back to the hospital for a bone density check. The medical doctor gave the amazing result: your bone density is good!

  2. A male in his 50s suffered from arthritis on one of his joints. The pain was not severe, but it disturbed him. After taking collagen and calcium every day for just two weeks, the joint pain was nearly gone.

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