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Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe While Pregnant?

Dr. Tara Brown, (Hon) BA Kin, DC, ART®, D.Ac - Doctor of Chiropractic

prenatal chiropractic

Pregnancy is such an exciting time! Yet it can also bring some unpleasant feelings, ranging from unrelenting fatigue and mood swings, to low back, hip and joint pain.

Thankfully chiropractic care is a very safe and effective treatment option pregnant women can pursue to help ease the discomfort they may be suffering from.

One of the most common concerns pregnant women seek chiropractic care for is low back and hip pain. But that is certainly not the only complaint! Other concerns that pregnant women present with are sciatic pain, pelvic girdle pain, abdominal/uterus pain, groin pain, tailbone pain, rib pain and difficulties sleeping. Regardless of the reason, treatment is always individualized to the needs and comfort of the patient and what stage (trimester) they are in with their pregnancy.

Depending on the issue presented, chiropractors may use a variety of techniques as part of the treatment. Soft tissue release may be used to relax tight muscles, along with gentle manual adjustments to ease tension in the spine or pelvic region. Some chiropractors, including myself, are specially trained in the treatment of pregnant women as they are certified in the Webster Technique. The goal of this treatment is to reduce dysfunction in the SI joints (the joints that connect your sacrum to your pelvis) in order to balance the pelvis, hips, and back. Addressing imbalances in the pelvis and correcting faulty biomechanics can help decrease pelvic and low back pain. This may contribute to a more comfortable pregnancy and birth.

Other issues that may be addressed during treatment with your chiropractor may include:

  • Soft-tissue work to ease round ligament or broad ligament pain

  • Pubic bone adjustments to decrease standing and walking pain

  • Athletic tape for belly support or rib pain

  • Home exercise instruction depending on what stage (trimester) you are in with your pregnancy

Prenatal chiropractic treatments can start at any point during your pregnancy, so do not delay if you (or a loved one) may be suffering.

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