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Arthritis and Chiropractic Care

Dr. Caren Fortin, BHK, DC - Doctor of Chiropractic

arthritis and chiropractic

When you think of the word arthritis, what comes to mind? The term typically drums up visions of elderly individuals with sore and swollen joints. However, arthritis is a term that encompasses more than 100 different types that are characterized by inflammation in the joints and can therefore affect many different age groups. In fact, more than half of all Canadians that suffer from arthritis are under the age of 65.

Arthritis is a chronic condition that affects more than 6 million Canadians.

So, what can you do about arthritis? Since there are many different diagnoses, a team environment is the best way to approach it. A variety of different health care practitioners, including a chiropractor is a great way to get the help you need. Chiropractic is a treatment option that can help ease some of the symptoms of arthritis through hands-on therapy and exercise programs. With knowledge and expertise in spine and joint conditions, we can help!

Hands-on therapy with a chiropractor can include soft tissue techniques and increasing range of motion through mobilizing or manipulation. Evidence supports improvements in joint range as well as pain with this kind of therapy. Consulting with a chiropractor about this type of treatment is a great way to determine if it is right for you.

Exercise is key when it comes to alleviating some of the symptoms of arthritis. Your chiropractor can develop an exercise plan to strengthen muscles and improve mobility and balance. While there is no known treatment with permanent results, your chiropractor can work with you to create a self-care plan that blends therapeutic exercises into your daily routine to help you move through your day with less pain.

The chiropractors at Wellness for the Body are happy to offer complimentary 15 minute consults. So, if you have questions about your pains or think that chiropractic may be a good fit for your needs, call Wellness for the Body at 905.465.4595 or visit us online at

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