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Welcome Back!!

Andrea Nederveen, RMT - Registered Massage Therapist

massage therapy RMT

We have been open now for 8 weeks after being shut down since mid March. We are so thankful to see many of our loyal clients back with some new ones as well. I was especially pleased because I had been off on maternity leave since last August.

Upon asking how the last few months have treated my clients, I received many of the same responses: “I am now working from home, teaching my kids, I am stressed and sore.”

Many clients have had ergonomic adjustments done to their work stations at their offices. However, with the sudden need to work from home, many clients have thrown together an office space in whatever room was available at that time. Chair height, desk height and mouse position are all wrong and they have been doing it for months. Back and neck pain creeps in and sometimes leg pain from sitting too long. It is important to get up during your day, go for a walk or a run, stretch it out or come for a massage 😉.

Stress from our current situation continues to weigh on clients and I want to reassure you we are all taking extra time at Wellness for the Body to ensure you are comfortable visiting our clinic. You can take some much needed time for yourself to decompress and feel some of the semblance of normalcy we are all craving.

Massage is proven to decrease Cortisol in the body (best known for its fight or flight role), increase Serotonin (a chemical in the body that contributes to well-being and happiness) and increase Dopamine (the chemical messenger in our body that is known as the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter). These all contribute to lowering stress.

We are all working hard to keep each other safe and now with some restrictions lifted, I would like to encourage you to start looking after your bodies in a more consistent way. It may look a little different in our clinic and we may look a little different too… with masks on. But we are ready and willing to treat you, whether you are looking for pain relief, stress relief or pure relaxation.

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