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envy anti aging wellness pillow

Look as Good as You Feel...Feel as Good as You Look!

Promotes the Perfect Night’s Sleep! Optimal Ergonomic Neck and Spinal Support!

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We are proud to introduce the Canadian made enVy™ pillow ..... the revolutionary new anti-aging/wellness pillow that helps maintain cosmetic procedures and reduce sleep induced wrinkles and facial compression as well as offering health and wellness by promoting the perfect night's sleep, proper neck support and spinal alignment. Its unique patent pending design, memory foam construction and bamboo fabric pillow case all ensure you will have a comfortable and restorative sleep so you wake up looking as good as you feel...and the envy of everyone!! Remember.....with a poor nights sleep

envy anti aging wellness pillowWe learn less,
We develop less,
We make worse decisions,
We accomplish less,
We are less productive,
We are prone to errors and
We undermine our true potential!

As two Health Care Professionals, we have spent two years in the develpment and refinement of this product during which time we had two objectives in mind. We realize that all the anti-aging benefits of any product cannot make you "feel" as good as you look....we wanted to offer both.

-- Kathy Young Keefe R.N. & Kim Renton R.N.

Secondary to preventing and improving sleep lines, the enVy™ pillow has been called a “luxurious necessity” for clients investing in skin care products, IPL (Intense Pulse Light), Laser treatments, Botox™ or Facial fillers, any other more invasive work including eye surgery and dental work. It could also be used for the relief of chronic facial pain such as Temporomandibular Disorders and prevention of pressure on the lower face for those with orthodontic appliances.

Financial investment in the above therapies is considerable, so protecting your skin and face is the intelligent choice.





Providing the ultimate comfort for both “side” and “back” sleepers, the ergonomically sloped sides gently cradle and tilt your head, placing you in the optimal sleeping position while maintaing alignment. Research has shown that avoiding tissue contact is the only way to reduce facial tissue impact during sleep.


envy anti aging wellness pillowThe Chiropractic endorsed neck support promotes the perfect night's sleep. The enVy™ pillow provides the correct neck and spinal alignment when sleeping on your back or side - the ideal position for reducing muscle pain, headaches and neck pain. It is well known that proper ergonomics plays a critical role in one's overall health and wellness.


Improved facial circulation by distributing weight and reducing pressure points. In addition, the elevations enable air circulation to improve breathability and overall comfort. Lastly, the patterned, elevated area facilitates correct positioning of your head on the appropriate area so as to fully benefit from the enVy™ pillow.


Memory foam molds naturally to your body for a custom fit and restorative sleep every night. Its ultra elastic capabilities relieve pressure points and reduce weight on the face to help minimize facial tissue shifting and the formation of sleep-induced wrinkles. Memory foam is hypoallergenic, breathable and has antimicrobial properties.

envy anti aging wellness pillowTHE “enVy™ WILL TRAVEL” BAG:

YOUNG INNOVATIONS is an environmentally conscious company. Rather than over packaging with plastics and cardboard we have chosen to distribute and display this product in a luxurious fabric bag. Keep this bag. We are so sure you will love your enVy™ pillow that you will want to take it wherever you go.


Environmentally friendly Bamboo fabric is made from a grass as opposed to a tree. It rarely needs pesticides and herbicides and is one of the world's most sustainable resources. The enVy™ pillowcase is made from 100% natural fiber which is anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and has excellent wicking and drying abilities. Its fibers are naturally smooth and round so there are no sharp spurs to cause friction or irritation to the skin. Reduced facial friction helps minimize tissue pressure and movement complimenting the design of the pillow. In addition, the pillow case is form fitted to the pillow to eliminate any creasing of the fabric which could cause facial crease lines as well. Bamboo also has excellent insulating properties allowing it to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.



Side Lying:
envy anti aging wellness pillowWhen lying on your side with the enVy™ Pillow, make certain you place the back of your head on the opposite “V”slope. It may be helpful to find this position by simply lying on your back in the centre portion of the pillow and roll onto your side from that position. Your head will naturally roll back slightly and rest on the opposite slope as you readjust for your individual comfort. Positioning yourself so that your upper shoulder angles slightly back (and not forward) will help train your body for proper pillow positioning. Sleeping with a regular pillow between your knees is always recommended to support your spine and lower back and helps keep you in proper alignment. This can be done in conjunction with using your enVy™ face pillow. It is not recommended to put your arms under the pillow as this will change the angle and increase unwanted pillow contact on your face. Placing your lower arm along the side edge of the pillow and your upper arm on top of the pillow will allow you to become comfortable and maintain good alignment. Some customers even use their regular pillow alongside to support their arms and maintain proper alignment.

Back Lying:
envy anti aging wellness pillowWhen sleeping on your back, ensure that you are positioned in the central portion of the pillow. The contour of the pillow will allow you to sleep comfortably with your head cradled in position. This is the ideal position for optimum anti aging effects.



  • The bamboo pillow case may be washed in cool water with gentle detergent on the gentle cycle
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • Hang to air dry.
  • Do not wash the memory foam material. To remove spills or stains gently wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

Do not use electric blankets or heating pads with your enVy™ pillow. Due to the temperature sensitive nature of the Memory foam, long term exposure to heat may impair its unique elastic quality.


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